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Dr. R.S. Praveen Kumar, IPS Secretary

I take the pleasure of introducing SYNERGY INDIA FOUNDATION, an NGO that works for Safer Society since 10 years as our Knowledge Partners for PANACEA COMPREHENSIVE SCHOOL HEALTH PROGRAM (A Govt. of Telangana Undertaking) for Telangana Social Welfare & Tribal Welfare Residential Educational Institutions.

They had been a great support to us in setting up a Command Centre through which almost 1,00,000 students' health status is being monitored every day. The Health Supervisors stationed at every institute are in constant touch with the Senior Medical Officers of the Command Centre to monitor them. The next phase of School Health Program is to conduct Medical Screening of each and every student where ELECTRONIC STUDENT HEALTH RECORD is being developed with UNIQUE ID which can be maintained throughout the stay of the respective student in Social Welfare & Tribal Welfare Residential Educational Institutions.

I wish Synergy India Foundation every success in conducting Medical Screening for the students of the underprivileged sections of the society. We welcome you to support Synergy in its Mission and partner with them in benchmarking the Medical Screening process in School Health Sector.

Your sincerely,

(Dr.R.S.Praveen Kumar,IPS Secretary,T.S.W.R.E.I.SOCIETY,Masab Tank,Hyderabad).

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