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The Swaeroes Network organizes a month long "BHEEM DEEKSHA" every year across Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. The Bheem-Deeksha is organized to spread the ideology of Dr BR Ambedkar and to give a big push to payback to the society movement. Another objective of the deeksha is to create awareness on evils of early child marriages and superstitious beliefs among the rural people at the grassroots levels. All the Swaeroes who observe the Deeksha abide by certain rules during the month long �Bheem Deeksha. 1. Reading books every day on social reformers 2. Abstinence from smoking, alcohol and non-vegetarian food. 3. Keeping the portraits of Baba Saheb Ambedkar and the replica of phylon in homes. 4. Planting at least 10 trees as part of the contribution to environmental protection. 5. Be kind and helpful to others.

Swaeroes Fellowship

The Swaeroes Network provides fellowship for poor students (Swaeroes) pursuing medicine, engineering, pharmacy, CA-CPT, Law, etc as part of the payback to the society initiative. Many students availed swaeroes fellowship and the swaero fellowships brought a ray of hope for poor but meritorious students who cannot afford the exorbitant costs of higher education.

Ambedkar Vignan Kendra

Swaeroes International actively involved in launching 'Ambedkar Vignan Kendras (Village Libraries)' in villages in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh with a noble objective of cultivating the habit of reading among the rural youth. The Swaeroes International has taken up this program to make the rural youth job ready and provide books and other reading materials which are not accessible to poor students. Books on Right to Information Act, Right Education Act, personality development, women empowerment, Indian constitution, Social Reformers, English grammar, dictionaries, newspapers, magazines, etc., are made available in Ambedkar Vignana Kendras.

Capacity building Programme

Swaeroes International conducts empowerment programs for youth, parents, students and women from the marginalized sections to create awareness on rights and entitlements, art of parenting, evils of child marriages, superstitious beliefs, career opportunities, education, women�s rights, health, self-employment and entrepreneurship. The empowerment programs are organized to increase the participation of parents, youth , students and women from the marginalized sections in various sphere.

Free Health Check-Up Camps

Swaeroes International organizes free health check-camps in areas where people lack access to quality medical services. A team of Swaero doctors from various medical streams including gynecology, dermatology, eye, internal medicine, neurology and cardiology conduct medical screening camps, and poor people are screened for diabetes, blood pressure, hemoglobin, dental, eye and other health related problems. The initiative has come in response to Dr RS Praveen Kumar, IPS, Founder Chairman, Swaeroes to provide quality medical services to the needy and deprived people from the marginalized sections. The Swaero doctors committee is committed to protecting the health of the poor people by conducting free medical camps regularly and referral of serious and chronic cases to appropriate medical services.

Employment Cell

Swaeroes Network runs a dedicated placement cell at Hyderabad to provide job opportunities to the Swaeroes in the government and the private sector. The placement cell organizes workshops and meetings on career related matters including self-employment. The interested unemployed youth register their names with the swaeroes placement cell and the placement cell updates about different job opportunities to the registered candidates through phone and SMS services. The placement cell collaborates with various government and private agencies to provide jobs for the unemployed youth. Hundreds of swaeroes got jobs in government and private sectors with the help of the Swaeroes placement cell. The placement cell has been transforming the lives of the unemployed youth through empowering them economically over the last three years.

Career counselling Services

Choosing a career is not a serious issue until 12th grade. However, once students are done with 12 th grade, it is necessary to choose a definite career and decide a career goal. Every student faces a common question - what career do I take up? What course do I take up? Students as well as their parents hailing from rural areas have little awareness about career prospects and as a result students have been losing out on many opportunities. The Swaeroes network provides career counseling services to the students and guiding them in the right career path. The swaeroes network also provides information relating to scholarships, jobs, self employment opportunities


To be transparent, accountable and innovative to change lives in association with civil societies, corporate and Government. Participate in all developmental interventions with government and innovative people to be a part of the team to achieve the end results.