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Background and Rationale

Shelters are important because they keep people from harm. Shelters give people a feeling of well-being and boost their will to live. Having a shelter is also a basic human necessity, in addition to food and water. The shelter less without shelter or homes often lose their will to live due to prolonged exposure to abuse, ill health and pollution which takes its toll. It’s even more dangerous to leave children shelter less when they do not have their families. Even orphans have a right to dignified life. Having a shelter therefore generally improves a person's quality of life. Shelter or home is a place where family members interact and live a contented life, in fact, the race for money is only to gain shelter for the family. Shelters provide a sense of security; dwellers can better focus on the other aspects of their lives. Shelters also provide privacy and encourage independence from the community.


There is a need to identify the people residing in the homes and give them appropriate identification numbers to avoid duplication. Proper guidelines and biometric approach will enable easy linkage with Aadhar number; this ensures that the interventions and the money allocated reaches the beneficiary. The authenticity of the person who needs shelter is established before he gets all the benefits. Inclusion and mainstreaming will happen when the date of births of these people is ascertained and their mobile numbers are recorded in the registers. It is very important that the disaggregate data of this population group is segregated and used for future prospective inputs.

Project partners – Synergy India Foundation and MEPMA

Synergy India Foundation was registered in 2007 as a non-profit, secular, non-political voluntary organization. It worked in the sectors of safety, health, education and environment. It operates on the guiding principles of ‘Collaboration, Secularism and Empowerment. The vision of SIF is to “Bring change through people’s participation for a safer society” The Mission of the organization is to be transparent, accountable and innovative to change lives in association with civil society, corporate and state governments and participate in all developmental interventions with government departments and involve people to be a part of the team to achieve the end results.

Technology Partner - TLS Digital Technologies Pvt Ltd

  • TLS Digital Technologies Pvt Ltd formally TLSTEC was incorporated in 2011.
  • It has diversified portfolio and vast experience across various domains and technologies give us the advantage of being a reliable organization to deliver technology solutions.
  • TLS works in IP Networking, IP Telecom, IP Security, Document Management Systems, Virtualization, Mobile Applications and Web Technologies development.
  • Mobile Track: A innovative workflow oriented approach for collecting, indexing, organizing, maintain the information for various applications/domains, like Shelter, Asara, etc... To help track the every individual registering to the system.
  • MobileT is a connected solution that provides simple and intuitive interface to digitize, index and organize the information.
  • MobileT is a one stop solution to enable organizations to maintain, track and present the status of information in graphical representation.
  • Improves quality of care, reliability of information, and avoid duplication in the information absence of digital information tracking through unique-id.
  • MobileT enables organizations to access the information and track 24/7 to know exactly the given person’s stay at shelter and beyond.

Objectives of the project

  • To all NGOs under one umbrella through Technology
  • To scale up the services to different shelter homes operating all over India
  • Involve other departments to bring homeless to the shelter
  • Provide information to various departments and help building safer society.


  • To track every individual registering to Shelter program with A uniqueID(Can be linked with Aadhaar)
  • Track movement of individual at all Shelters, Sending newly registered individuals information Police department.
  • Provide statistics on daily basis through dash board
  • Information to be projected based on the type of the issue like legal, medical, psychological, etc.. and to customize based on the need as per the requirement

Project benefits:

  • Use of technology for minimum errors in data management
  • All the activities designed by the government is brought under one roof
  • There is a definite data of shelter less in the city of Hyderabad
  • The project benefits reach the needy and the poor
  • The vulnerable are protected and the crime rate is reduced
  • Information of the destitute is readily available at one place for further interventions

How will SIF manage the project?

  • SIF will conceptualize the tracking of homeless and shelters through technology.
  • It will build the capacity of the NGOs and other stakeholders involved in dealing with shelters across the state of Telangana state.
  • It will provide one point contact and solutions to all NGOs dealing with shelters; design the programmes for the shelter inmates.
  • It will provide daily update on the new registrations and tracking of registered users, thus providing statistics on the overall performance of shelter, people movement, new registrations at each shelters, helping them to enroll into various modules depending the need of each individual.
  • It will provide information in real-time to various departments and help building safer society.
  • Mobile track Application is designed and customized to plan, support and monitor SIF interventions to the Shelters and Homes provided by the government.